What kind of gluten free flour do you use and is it certified GF?

I use a specialized blend that took me years to find. It is exceptional in its texture and taste… no grainy texture or funny after taste.  I have many compliments from non-GF people, and if it doesn’t pass my gluten-eating husband, it doesn’t go out the door!  My flour is certified and I make certain that all my ingredients are safe for my clients.

Is your bakery a Certified Gluten Free facility?

My bakery is a home based bakery.  It is not a certified facility, but it is celiac safe.  I have a celiac child which started me on this journey.  There is gluten in the home, but it is always store-bought prepackaged items that are stored in a separate cupboard for my family members that do not require a GF diet.  I never have any gluten flour in my home or touch any of my equipment.

What allergies can you accommodate?

I work with those that are not only GF, but also dairy, soy and even corn free.

Are you a Peanut Free/Tree Nut bakery?

This is a home-based bakery, and we do have peanut butter and other tree nuts in the home.  However, I do have a separate mixer that I keep away from all nut products. I try to take all precautions about nut allergens, but I cannot completely guarantee that my cakes are nut free.

When should I book my order with you?

I only book one wedding per weekend, and my availability is limited.  To secure your special day, please book as soon as possible and reserve your date with a non-refundable deposit.

Orders for single-layer cakes will require less lead time, but I am the only employee of this bakery – so if I am not available, there is no one else to take the order.

I do my best to accommodate last minute orders, and I hate turning people away, but my bakery is a second job and I bake in the evenings.

How much do your cakes cost?

There are many variables that are involved in determining the cost of a custom designed cake.  Gluten Free flour is expensive in itself, and every cake is custom made to order and priced individually, considering number of servings, complexity of design, and number of tiers.

Do you offer cake tastings/consults?

Yes, for cakes with a minimum of $200 (tiered cakes). Tasting consultations are held on weekdays at 4pm.

Do you offer delivery?

I only deliver orders of $50 or more.  A flat fee of $20 will be added to any order in Ames, and $1/mile each way if outside of Ames.

Can you re-create or copy a cake that I found online or in a magazine?

The availability of images online can be such a great resource for inspiration.  I am happy to have you send me those pictures to help me understand your vision for your special day.  But your cake should be as unique as you, so we will work together to come up with a special design that is custom made just for you!

Where are you located?

I am located in Ames, IA. I do not have a storefront. I make all of the bakery items in my home under the guidelines of the Iowa Cottage Food Laws.